Hair Salon — Cruise Ship Sets Sail  in Mesa, AZ

If you are planning a cruise vacation, make sure to get your hair ready before you go. A cruise is the perfect time to try out something new and to get well-coiffed for the special moments, activities, and photographs that these vacations entail. Book a consult at your favorite salon and make sure that your hair is ready to set sail!

A Good Cut

This is a good time to have a trim or cut, and it can be fun to try out something completely new and different during a vacation. Try a short lob style for a beachy, messy look that you can make edgier at night when hitting the ship's club scene. If you plan to be active during your trip, consider going super-short with a cute and easy-to-care-for pixie cut.

Hot Highlights

Give your hair the look of a cruise vacation before you set sail with some professional highlights. Your salon expert can discuss options, but you may choose the latest ombre hair highlight techniques. This utilizes several different shades to create a gradient effect, going from lighter to darker.

Fishtail Braids

You can either do it yourself or have your salon specialist give you the perfect fishtail for your cruise. Plus, later on you will have soft rippling waves when you take out your braid.

Beachy Waves

Whether you have short or long hair, a cruise is the perfect place to show off some beach-inspired waves. Ask your hair salon specialist about giving you large, soft curls before you leave and how to help them last until you take a swim or get your hair wet. Consider switching things up to a soft and messy up-do to protect your curls during your cruise and maintain some of the wave.

Color Change

Go dramatic with a change in your overall hair color. Some of the hottest colors of the season are a soft rose gold and a deep violet; be bold! If you don't want to experiment with all-over color, consider going along with the trend in contrasting roots for a cruise-inspired, sun-kissed look.

Some Texture

Have your salon specialist give your hair some texturing and a bit of edgy appeal before you leave on your cruise. Your hair will have a messy, sexy effect after sitting by the pool, swimming, or working out, and it will also be easy to wash, style, and go. If you have some length, ask your hairdresser for long layers that will give you a subtle, softer look.

Deep Conditioning

Your hair might take a beating on a cruise between the salty sea air and chlorinated water of the pool. Treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment at your favorite beauty salon. This will ensure you have lustrous, soft, and shimmering hair during your entire vacation.

Hair Extensions

Extensions can be great fun and are perfect to try out on a cruise. Have some put in before you go, and they should last a week or longer with a little bit of care. Don't skimp on cheap DIY extensions; have your salon specialist give you the real deal for your trip. This is the time to go super long or do something completely different, so talk to your stylist about options for your distinct hair color and length.

Once your hair is on-fleek, treat yourself to a manicure before you leave for your cruise. Make sure to include a pedicure for sandal-ready feet!

Getting ready for a cruise? Get your best hair before you go, and visit your beauty salon for a pre-cruise consultation. There are a lot of photo-worthy moments on a cruise, and you will be ready and looking your best.